Reggae Radio DJ - " Live Up Program" - since them of 90, I go(surrender) in Jamaica since 1991. 

And am always asked me: why did not speak tone ever about the music Revival and its connections with Dancehall? A subject always overflown(skimmed through), never searched the works or the movies about the origins of Jamaica. And nevertheless.....


Rather than to wait that the ethnologists or the journalists deal with the subject, I decided in 2013 to film Revival services and to question the musicians who created digital Dancehall in the middle of the 80s. It sulphurous Dancehall that we find in all the Negro music, recycled in the Rap, the Reggaeton or Tropical music today.


By going back up(By raising) the history(story), I discovered the contempt towards Revival (nevertheless agents

What is not made without clashes, including in the country of Bob Marley and Marcus Garvey.


And what to say about Kumina? This music and worship(cult) that Rastafarian(Rastafarians), in Pinnacle by 1930 had a practice very first, when they had not invented their music yet: Nyabinghi. 

It is all these tensions and anecdotes that appear in " Soul rebels ", lit(enlightened) by the testimonies of historic actors of the music or the politics(policy). A work over several years to show that Dancehall is a respectable music even if it arrives at him(her) rightly, to be condemned because of its excesses and divert(derive).


Featuring: dad Jaro, Sizzla, Gregory Peck, Clevie Browne, Sly Dunbar, Thread Calender, Dr E. Seaga, Dr W. Sista Patt, I-Noited, Powerman, Merciless Wedenoja, band The Unstoppable Kumina,