"Watt Town : holy songs from Jamaica" (47 min. 2015)

Produced and directed by Stéphane Delphin 

Watt town : holy songs from Jamaica present for the very first time a film about the review of the Zion Revival pilgrimage held at Watt Town (St Ann Parish).


At the heart of Jamaican culture and spirituality, Revival was for a long time the religion of most Black Jamaicans. Born at the end of the 18th century, it played a key role for Emancipation ("Baptist war" in 1830-1831) and later helped to build a national identity ("Morant Bay" rebelion in 1865).


The 19th century Revival leaders are often considered today as the "proto-Rastas". The late anthopologist Barry Chevanne wrote about it that "the character of Rastafari has been shaped by Revival to a greater extent that it is thought. "

Music and drums are essential in Zion revival faith. 

In Reggae as even Dancehall music we can hear Revival music influences.